We believe business has a role in protecting our environment and in responding to the threats we all face from climate change.

We might be a small business, but we can still play a part and the eco beach pledge is to make a positive difference to our environment, both globally and close to home.


Every year, people in the UK spend about £400 BILLION on stuff from retailers.  Just imagine if every retailer gave just a tiny 1% of their takings to the planet and its precious environment.  That's £4 Billion pounds to spend EVERY YEAR on cleaning the place up, and new science and technology to give our kids a cleaner future.  And that's just retail.  If every business gave just 1% we'd have closer to £30 Billion every year to fix our planet.

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eco beach donates 1% of turnover and 5% of net profits to environmental causes.   We do this through One Percent For The Planet, a global organisation leading the fight for the protection of our planet.  They audit our business and govern our contributions so you can be sure that every penny goes where it's supposed to.

We do this because it doesn't make sense not to.

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